Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week 1 - Cafe Mural - progress begins

 The previous mural was done mostly by hand and I utilized a more free-form approach; which was fullfilling in it's own right as such.  But with the illustrative nature and complexity of this mural, I am incorporating the use of a projector and a comp of my sketches to help speed the process.
 As you can see the projector had to be pulled quite a ways back, past its intended use making the images slightly blurry.  Though still having to rely on the original reference sketches and having to /battlecompensate for my own shadow blocking my view, it is still speeding up the process like I'd hope.
With the projector of, you can see how crisp the line-work is from a far; great thing about working large, any variances in the line thickness or quality gets lost from viewing it as intended, far away :) 

Friday, July 6, 2012

designs and sketches for next google mural :)  comprised of the 30+ team logo/mascots withing the office.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SKETCH: composition 001

sketch composition 001

SKETCH: terrible swedes, vandals, vikings, yetis

 terrible swedes




SKETCH: sand sharks, screaming penguins, space invaders, super squids

 sand sharks

screaming penguins

space invaders

super squids

SKETCH: philociraptors, poi pi's, robo-reapers, rouge huskies


 poi pi's


rouge huskies

SKETCH: missionaries, mountaineers, narwhals, ninja-pirates

missionaries               mountaineers



SKETCH: hulstlin' owls, lazy housecats, thunder llamas, lumberjacks

hustlin' owls

lazy housecats

thunder llamas


SKETCH: eagles, fightin' sand crabs, fightin' artichokes, geoducks

fightin' sand crabs
fightin' artichokes

SKETCH: bears, cylon hamsters, ducks, dungeon

ducks dungeons

SKETCH: bearcats

final sketch
initial sketch

SKETCH: banana slugs

initial/final sketch (liked this one better in the end; more character)
second sketch