Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loki Rants - How would Loki really take over the world?

Just re-watched the Loki 2013 Comic-Con appearance again and it got me thinking.  As Tom Hiddleston has captured the minds and hearts of fans around the world, would it not be far-fetched for Loki do the same?  Would he really amass an army to forcefully take over our Earthly Midgarian realm?  Maybe in part, but I imagine there are more intricate laid plans laying in wait by our favorite God of Mischief.

"we're not worthy, we're not worthy, we're not worthy..."

Force and physical power are not really Loki's style.  While his well known brother, Thor, will undoubtedly smash and hit his way to victory, "The One-with-the-Silver-Tongue" would use his deceit, charisma, and guile to get his way.  In a way, he could use the things we love and like or even the things we hate, against us.  Imagine someone who could influence the minds of major media CEOs, wag-the-dog better than any politician, and console the zealot masses better than any religious leader, all while throwing a smile to the crowd and having a good time.  Step in our man, Loki...

Yeah, us, you doofus!!

By taking advantage of humanity's lesser qualities and make us deny our better ideals he could have followers and would create a better asset to him than any army.  Within an adjoining chaos he would in tandem manufacture (perhaps defacing Earh's heroes in the process), he could come forward to bring forth an "order" that only he could bring to us; a power we would willing give to him regardless how many punches, arrows, or blasters the Avengers have.  Cause he would have our complete and utter compliant, submissive, loyalty... we would finally, KNEEL!!

Brings a bit to mind to me James Earl Jones' character, Thulsa Doom's, quote from Conan the Barbarian, "Steel isn't strong, boy.  Flesh is stronger!!", but I digress...

I wonder what kind of health-care plan Loki has in mind...

I remember in the Acts of Vengeance story line from the late-80s, early-90s, Loki took the form of pseudo-corporate lackey to coerce earth's villains into joining forces to defeat each other's adversaries.  Perhaps not as derivative as influencing a cast of villains, but Loki could manipulate high-profile individuals.  From politicians, corporate CEOs, celebrities, to religious leaders, or even take the air-waves of the media directly himself as a sort of viral-social-media-evangelist.

Loki up against the Avengers in the climax to "Acts of Vengance"

This is not a solid idea nor by no means would it not have flaws or the need for alot of characters and background  development.  As a premise for something like a movie it would probably lack the typical things found on a Hollywood block-buster checklist (less CGI action and more drama and suspense).  Viable for a large cast and drama driven T.V. series à la HBO?  Perhaps.  Or merely a revisiting of the themes and plot of "Acts of Vengeance" for a new comic story arc?  Maybe.  Or possibly none-of-the-above; though I do feel this would be great opportunity to take the usually pseudo-medieval/mythological Asardian's story more in line and relatable to our savvy modern world without so much the need for the costumes (though we do love them), capes, and alien armies; though what's a comic movie without the "pew-pews" and the "biff-pows"?  But perhaps by exploring Loki within the scope of our contemporary world we can divulge deeper into our understandings regarding our own social, religious, and political institutions in how they can control or enrich our live for better or worse.  Either way, if its wearing jet-black and covered in yellow and green, you can bet which team I'll be rooting for...

Evil never looked so suave
(don't worry, horns may not be GQ, but we still love 'em)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Dabbling in some ANSI/ASCII art, recognizable to those familiar to text based art on old BBS/bulletin boards of the proto-internet days.